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Histamine & Food Intolerance App

App Benefits:

This App helps people with FOOD REACTIONS to make food lists based on their sensitivities.
View details, Filter, Sort and Favorite according to your own sensitivities and preferences.
• Histamine Intolerance
• Lactose Intolerance
• Dairy Intolerance
• Gluten Intolerance
• Celiac Disease
• Mast Cell Activation
• Salicylate Sensitivity
• Allergy
✔ CATEGORIES included:
• Medicines
• Probiotics & bacteria
• Vegetables
• Fruit
• Nuts & Seeds
• Seafood
• Meat
• Egg
• Dairy
• Legumes
• Cereals
• Drinks
• Alcoholic drinks
• Sugar & Sweets
• Condiments (spices, herbs, sauces)
• Natural extracts
• Fragrances
• Food additives
• Physical Triggers

✔FILTERING of categories is useful for people who follow DIETS such as:
• Ovo/lacto/vegetarian/vegan
• Paleolithic

✔PROPERTIES included (when data available):
• Concentrations of histamine, biogenic amines, salicylates and nitrates
• Mast cell degranulators and allergens
• Inhibitors of histamine degrading enzymes (DAO, HNMT)
• Containing gluten, lectins, lactose

✔SORTING of foods according to these properties is useful when you know your sensitivities or when you want to find out your sensitivities.
✔LANGUAGES: English, German, Dutch.
! DISCLAIMER: Consult a health professional before taking health related actions.

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  • App name: Histamine Intolerance (iTunes), Food Intolerance (Google Play)
  • App platforms: Android and iOS
  • Languages: English, German, Dutch
  • App Developer: www.tildesign.nl
  • App release date: 16 August 2012

The histamine intolerance / food intolerance app will be updated on a regular basis. Suggestion are always welcome!

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